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Curriculum Enrichment

To further enrich our curriculum, we ensure our children take part in a visit or we have an outside provider visit our school to enhance the children's learning for their enquiry.

Forest Schools:

The children in KS2 have been exploring our Forest School wooded area at Stanstead this autumn. They have become nature detectives and used the natural objects around them to create art.

Year 3 visited Brackenhurst Education Centre to take part in a Stone Age workshop. The children spent the morning in the woods learning how to build shelters, make willow enclosures and clay pots. They also got a chance to build a replica model of Stonehenge using wooden blocks and to have a go at cave painting.

Year 2 had a visit from the firefighters. During their enquiry, they have been exploring the history of The Great Fire of London. They have had some visitors in recently....

Year 4 had a visit from a roman soldier, Gregorius Manilus, who taught them all about life in the roman army, to enrich their enquiry learning.

Year 5 visited the University of Nottingham to take part in a Viking workshop.